Thursday, May 28, 2009

Top 5 Places I Want To Visit

In No Particular Order These Locations Are!

Jasper, Alberta, Canada

That place in Canada, that when you say, "I want to go to Jasper," people say, "Where the heck is Jasper?" (or those who know me well go, "Yeah, Jasper, probably fake. We know you to well.") and I go, "Oh, you bandarshles! It's in CANADA, BABY!" So, yeah. Beautiful views, nice people, and hey, it's Canada, eh?!

Perth, Western Australia

Hometown of Heath Andrew Ledger, one of my gods, and in Australia (Oh yeah)! I've always wanted to go somewhere in Australia so why not go for the city feel and a place I wanted to visit anyways? Boom chicka boom boom!

Dublin, Ireland

I've always wanted to go to Ireland - The people, the feel, the culture and the castles! Plus, my heritage is sorta Irish. Mostly French, but still. Also, I love castles (medieval stuff is an interest of mine) and I hear Dublin has castles galore! I wanna go to Dublin (to the tune of 'I Wanna Go To Friendlys!)!

Hollywood, California

Ah, Hollywood. As any American aspiring actress or actor (or just any actress or actor) would say, Hollywood is the place to get started here in the States. My Johnny (Depp) got his first movie gig here, and I plan on doing the same. Hollywood! Nom nom nom!

London, England

Ah, London. The structures and the castles and the amazing things there just pulled me to this place. I was sitting there, trying to think of a place, when it came to me - Paris. No, I thought. LONDON! Yay! London!

And there you have it! Hope you enjoyed them!

This blog was inspired by Cal, so thanks, Cal!

Read these comments and the story to learn about Canada and about how I came to my top 5 places.


  1. Interesting bunch of places, Australia and London are two I would like to visit, too!

  2. nice pics. love the australia pic. would love to go over the pond and travel europe and australia....

  3. YOu perfectly captures the appeal of each of these places. I like the way that your descriptions are so succinct. And if you didn't know Jasper is amazing and their mascot if a Bear...a black and white bear so you can do some bad ass judgment all over him. Great writing again.