Monday, May 4, 2009

Katy Perry and... Kitty Purry.

I was reading an article about Katy Perry about the ring she bought so she can be in style for swine flu. She says, "Since swine flu is super trendy I wanted to make sure I was in style with my swine flu ring!" But that is not the most disturbing part!

And if that's not silly enough, Perry relates a conversation about the swine flu she had with her cat (yes, her cat), whom she's named Kitty Purry. "Kitty Purry was telling me the other night that she remembers when bird flu was in and now pig flu is cool and she wonders when kitty flu is gonna hit," writes Perry, "as she would like to be more popular than she currently already is."

Yes, you got it right. clearly states from an interview with Katy Perry that she does, in fact, have a cat named after her (just using cat-related words that rhyme), and has conversations with it. I love her voice, I love her songs, and I think she's great. She has fun with what she does, and she is definitely a good role model (from what I've seen). I have no problem with her, or Kitty Purry, although I do not wish to kiss that girl (or her cat).

Ice Bear approves of Katy Perry and Kitty Purry.

Go, Kitty Purry, go!

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