Sunday, May 31, 2009

My YouTube Account + Opinions Needed (UNBIASED Opinions)

Okay, I don't know if you know this, but I'm an aspiring actress. And what actress doesn't have a YouTube account to show off her mad skillz (yeah, it's a Z. deal with it, darnshleheads)?

My Links:

My Page

Me as Pilkington in the play 'Animal Farm'

Me as Major in the play 'Animal Farm'

Me as Farmer #2 in the play 'Animal Farm' (if you can tell who I am... I'm in the straw cowboy-looking hat with the blue-and-green plaid shirt)

Tell me what you think - I need unbiased opinions on how good an actress I am.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Top 5 Places I Want To Visit

In No Particular Order These Locations Are!

Jasper, Alberta, Canada

That place in Canada, that when you say, "I want to go to Jasper," people say, "Where the heck is Jasper?" (or those who know me well go, "Yeah, Jasper, probably fake. We know you to well.") and I go, "Oh, you bandarshles! It's in CANADA, BABY!" So, yeah. Beautiful views, nice people, and hey, it's Canada, eh?!

Perth, Western Australia

Hometown of Heath Andrew Ledger, one of my gods, and in Australia (Oh yeah)! I've always wanted to go somewhere in Australia so why not go for the city feel and a place I wanted to visit anyways? Boom chicka boom boom!

Dublin, Ireland

I've always wanted to go to Ireland - The people, the feel, the culture and the castles! Plus, my heritage is sorta Irish. Mostly French, but still. Also, I love castles (medieval stuff is an interest of mine) and I hear Dublin has castles galore! I wanna go to Dublin (to the tune of 'I Wanna Go To Friendlys!)!

Hollywood, California

Ah, Hollywood. As any American aspiring actress or actor (or just any actress or actor) would say, Hollywood is the place to get started here in the States. My Johnny (Depp) got his first movie gig here, and I plan on doing the same. Hollywood! Nom nom nom!

London, England

Ah, London. The structures and the castles and the amazing things there just pulled me to this place. I was sitting there, trying to think of a place, when it came to me - Paris. No, I thought. LONDON! Yay! London!

And there you have it! Hope you enjoyed them!

This blog was inspired by Cal, so thanks, Cal!

Read these comments and the story to learn about Canada and about how I came to my top 5 places.

Pictures I've Saved

Okay, so I've been saving pictures that I want to post but I've been particularly busy so I have not posted them (and by busy I mean I've been playing the Sims and I was too lazy to post anything). So, I shoved them all together into a yummy blend. Enjoy!

Kthulu (spelled different, for some reason) KEEPS COMING BACK!!!! Ice Bear does NOT APPROVE!
He definitely does, Pete. Ice Bear approves, and so do I. Congrats, Pete.
Ice Bear and I approve of saving Ice Bear and her family. Thank you, Alex Jordan.

Octobear is better.

Thanks to Wings for the Octobear link. What, son?!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Theme Thursday - Suitcases


Today, I was going to Brazil. Nothing I hadn't seen before, but still exciting. I already have a Brazilian sticker. I was taking with me about everything in my house, so I'm going to be there for awhile. I was taking a bunch of shirts, pants, cameras, medicine. Can you take medicine on a trip? Not sure. We'll figure it out at the airport. I don't think going to be a problem.

Anyways, I was going with six of my friends. Damiro, Kiva, Lodis, Nokona, Piel, and Siamod. There is a photo of us below. We met at a meeting of BBMA - Bright Blue Mustaches Anonymous. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Rimowa, and I am spicy-looking. Very tanned. Gold-like. So beautiful. There's a picture of me below, since you really want to see me.

Our flight leaves soon... It's crowded where we are... We're on the first floor of the plane. It's like they just threw us together in here. It looks like a cargo hold is what it looks like.

I see Damiro... Kiva is in the corner, a couple feet away from me. Lodis is on the other side. Nokona and Siamod are mashed together in the middle. And Piel is... nowhere. I can't see Piel. I call out. "Piel?" Nothing. I look at Kiva. I ask where Piel is. She doesn't know. We look. No one else has seen Piel. We search through the plane. No Piel.

Piel is gone.

Nobody is listening. Maybe he got on the wrong flight. Piel is young. Maybe he was stolen. I hope not. He was carrying some valuables - necklaces, rings, jewels. An expensive phone. Poor Piel. I wonder if he's okay. Piel.

The plane gets where it's going. We're in Brazil. No Piel. We go to Security. They search for Piel. Going through the airport, we go through the scanners. They see the medicine I have. "It's fine!" I insist, but I don't think he heard me.

Maybe he doesn't speak my language. We ARE in Brazil. I think he could speak my language, though. He speaks Portuguese, I guess. I am pretty good at speaking in Portuguese. "É bem!" I shout. "É bom remédio! Deixe-me sozinho! Temos de encontrar Piel! Por favor, nos ajudem a encontrar Piel!*" Nothing. Stupid man. I don't think he speaks anything. Probably can't hear me.
I'm rather small compared to men. Very, umm, small. See the picture of me next to a man below. Not a fun experience. He, like, crushed me.

I had them go on without me. Piel is more important than I at the moment. They know where I am. They don't know where Piel is. They must find Piel.

I sit there. I wait. They scan me. They took my meds. What a shock. Just because I have itchy allergy eyes and a stuffy, runny nose and a sore throat doesn't mean they should take my Claritin.


It has been a few days. I finally got home. The Claritin came, too, but I wouldn't use it. They might've poisoned it. And that's not spicy. Not spicy at all.
No nom nom nomming here.

I look around, I heard shouts. I look out the window of the room I'm in. Piel is home. I turn around and tell everyone else. Everyone is happy. I am happiest of all.

Piel comes in to the room. We fall down around him, so happy. He was stolen, and robbed, but we don't care. We're just happy to have him back.


Today, I am going to Tokyo. Nothing I haven't seen before, but still exciting. I already have a Japanese sticker. I was taking with me about everything in my house, so I'm going to be there for a while. I was taking a bunch of shirts, pants, cameras, but not medicine. I learned my lesson. We have locks this time. Nothing is getting stolen. I'll see you later.

Oh, to be a suitcase.

*It is well! It is good medicine! Leave me alone! We must find Piel! Please help us find Piel!

Special thanks to!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Theme Thursday - Vacation!

Okay, so, this week's Theme Thursday is Vacation! I thought, I should write a story about one of my own vacation experiences. I mean, I should, right? But then I thought, "You did the first thing you thought of LAST week. You should do something different this week. Take a VACATION from the ordinary." VACATION. So that it what I am doing. Below, you will see random things that really have nothing to do with vacations, but since I am taking a vacation from the norm, I guess they kind of do. Enjoy!
Chad Dukes is a
radio personality and co-host of the Big O and Dukes Show on WJFK-FM in Washington, D.C., and was born December 7, 1978, in Alexandria, Virginia.
Sainte-Marie is a
commune in the Hautes-Alpes department in southeastern France.
The Port Tewfik Memorial (also known as the Indian War Memorial) was originally situated at Port Tewfik (or Port Taufiq) on the
Suez Canal. It was unveiled in May 1926 by for the Imperial War Graves Commission and commemorated 4,000 officers and men of the Indian Army killed during the Sinai and Palestine Campaign during the First World War.
A non-aggression pact is an international
treaty between two or more states agreeing to avoid war or armed conflict between them and resolve their disputes through peaceful negotiations.
Anthony de la Roché, 17th century, (spelled also Antoine de la Roché, Antonio de la Roché or Antonio de la Roca in some sources) was an
English merchant born in London to French Huguenot father and English mother. During a commercial voyage between Europe and South America he was blown off course, and visited the Antarctic island of South Georgia, making the first ever discovery of land south of the Antarctic Convergence.

I hope you enjoyed my 5 random facts! Thanks in such a large part to Wikipedia's random article function. Woot, woot! And now, please enjoy some animal bloopers (teehee, Simpsons reference! *slaps Ladybug five* What?! (Remember, when Homer's mother had the will and she played animal bloopers at the end to cheer up Homer? Ahhh.... Classic!))

You've been tomahawked!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Theme Thursday - (Wh)oops!

Okay, so, while I haven't blogged in a couple days (sorry, I got a new Sims game... it rocks my socks), I decided to do a Theme Thursday thing shown to me by Wings. This week's theme is (Wh)oops, so I went with the first thing I thought of - bloopers. So, I went onto YouTube and found the bloopers that made me laugh the mostest - Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest bloopers. Johnny Depp is so funny (and so talented, and so hot... need I go on?)! Okay, so, I hope you like the video. I most certainly do! Some big whoopsies here! Enjoy, young Skywalker!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Motivational Posters

Okay, so I was introduced to the wonderful world of motivational posters yesterday. Here are some of the funnier ones I saw.
Oh, God, I'm Afraid!Why, Ice Bear, why?! Poor Goldie!I know this isn't a motivational poster, but I needed to post it anyways. To this, I say, "Sackboy does not do the judging... ICE BEAR DOES!"NOBODY is as much of a bear as Ice Bear. NOBODY!Darn the cats of the world! DARN YOU!Okay, cats, because of this, I forgive you. Although that IS a pretty adorable mouse... DARN YOU AGAIN, CATS! DARN YOU!

Oh, someone clean that poor, innocent kitty!


Okay, SO, I saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine today! I LOVED THIS MOVIE SO MUCH!

^First One^
^One I Made Just Now^

Don't Feel Like Blogging, Sorry.

Okay, so I don't feel like doing a bazillion blogs today. So I'll put everything together, then I'll do a movie review blog, then a Motivational Poster blog. But that's it, okay?

And a Chuck Norris picture - thanks to Cal, for giving Wings the photo to give to me, and Wings, who forwarded the picture to me.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Remember the Star Trek Failure Generator?

Well, I was the 80,000th one to visit the site (I'm not going to mention how often I went to the site just to get a number like that)! I was going to strive for 100,000th, but the people who are on their computers in the same room as me found the clicking annoying and I was not allowed to pursue my most noble task. If you accomplish my goal, PLEASE send me the picture! I will be your best friend if you do! Yay!

We Are Being Overrun By Oompa-Loompas! Save me, Wonka! (Depp Wonka, not Wilder Wonka... Depp Wonka is much hotter, and much crazier... :D)

*thanks to*

Okay, so, I was just going about my business when, all of the sudden, (take that, Stewie!) I was being overrun by Oompa-Loompas. Yup, they have even taking over Paris Hilton, and Katy Perry has a Mini-Me now. What is this, Austin Powers?! (Yeah, baby!)

Okay. I can deal with this. My only question is... when can they make a Mini-Me and a Mini-Ice-Bear? Soon, I hope. Then, Ice Bear will be able to judge the world! (twists mustache, maniacal laugh *muahaha*)

Ice Bear very much approves of this.




Amalgam Comics
^Do not just click the link, copy and paste it, even the last parenthesis... Tread lightly, young one!

Okay, so, Wings introduced me to Amalgam comics, a joint venture by DC and Marvel in the 90s to combine their characters into new 'amalgamated' versions. I really do think this is interesting, and rather enjoy DARK CLAW, a mix between Batman and Wolverine. Batverine? The Flying Wolvie? Wolverman? All would have been great ideas... and then, there is Dark Claw. The Dark Knight mixes with... Claw Man? If anyone has any idea of what Claw might be besides just a nickname about his claws, speak now or forever hold your peace. Or, it might be just that. Just a thing for Wolvie's claws. Ah, well. Ice Bear approves, and that's about all you can ask for, right?


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Geek Arguments

Okay, I saw this and had to read it. 10 Most Famous Geek Arguments. My favorite part was in the third one -

3) The Book Vs. the Movie
While this particular argument isn't unique to geeks, it's certainly a source of endless flame wars. One good example is The Lord of the Rings -- ask almost any fan of the franchise and he or she will almost certainly have a firm opinion of the superiority of one or the other. Fans of the book tend to focus on what the movies leave out, and the things they change; fans of the movies roll their eyes at the endless pages of Elves singing goofy songs or descriptions of landscapes and prefer the film's tight plotting and action..Other good examples include the Harry Potter movies; movies based on Roald Dahl books such as The Witches, Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; any movie based on a Michael Crichton novel; The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; and most recently, Watchmen and Twilight (what? Teenaged girls can be geeks too).

I have to admit, I have had a few of these conversations. Not all of them, only a couple! Don't judge me like Ice Bear does... and my, does she judge. Does she judge...

Ice Bear - The Early Years

These new pictures have surfaced of Ice Bear's years as a young ice bear - from infant to origin, from child to some things Ice Bear would have rathered stay off the Internet. Thanks to Wings, 'Para Abnormal', and!

Ice Bear - Newborn (upper creature is stuffed animal)

Ice Bear as a young bear - so cute!

Ice Bear's origin... it was a difficult time in her life.

This is a recent part of Ice Bear's history she does not... wish... to comment on.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My "Exhausted Beast"

I had a fun day today! I made a sculpture using clay and silver paint. It's a self-portrait. I saw an exhibit today from the artist Rona Pondick. Rona Pondick makes cool art using modern-looking things and old-looking things, and her art is always out of proportion and odd-looking. It's actually pretty cool. I took an art thing to make a sculpture while I was there, and we used her art as a model for ours. We made self-portraits, but incorporated other stuff. Mine has a tail, a spicy hat, unicorn horn, Wolverine claws (see first picture), dreadlocks, massive eyes, a tiny crazy smile, no nose, and it's lying down. We also had to give it a name. Mine is called the "Exhausted Beast". It's a pretty dang awesome sculpture, and Ice Bear herself judged it. She approves. What more can I ask for?

Top 10 Record Setting Programs On American TV

Top 10 Record Setting Programs On American TV

*thanks to Google Reader and*

Television has become a staple part of life for the majority of people and in some countries television is now regarded as an essential human right (ridiculous in my opinion). Through the years, many shows have come and gone, but some have stuck around and become world record setters. This list looks at 10 of those programs.

10: Ciao Italia with Mary Ann Esposito - PBS

Record: Longest running cooking show.
Originally airing in October 1989, and continuing to the present, “Ciao Italia with Mary Ann Esposito” has been running on public television stations coast to coast in the US and also worldwide for 20 years. Host Mary Ann is responsible for all the content on the program, and she has to avoid certain recipes that wouldn’t hold up well under the hot lights of a television studio. She has also published 10 cookbooks covering Italian cuisine and focusing on Sicilian and Neapolitan favorites.

9: Gunsmoke - CBS

Record: Longest running scripted drama.
“Gunsmoke” was an American television staple for 20 years between September, 1955 and September, 1975. The show, set in Dodge City, Kansas in the 1870’s, was an extension of a highly popular radio program of the same name, but the TV show featured a different cast. Marshal Matt Dillon (James Arness) was faced every week by western despots who had no respect for the law or his friends, Chester, Festus, Doc, and Miss Kitty.

8: The Simpsons - Fox

Record: Longest running scripted comedy.
Animator Matt Groening originally created “The Simpsons” as a series of short clips to be featured on The Tracey Ullman Show in the late 1980’s. The show became one of the first ratings hits for the fledgling Fox Network when it was expanded into a weekly half-hour primetime show in December, 1989. “The Simpsons” initially focused on juvenile rascal Bart, but eventually switched to the lovable Homer as the star of the show. In 2007, “The Simpsons” was released as a full-length feature film, and the television show is currently still going strong in its 20th season.

7: The Price is Right - CBS

Record: Longest running game show.
Although “The Price is Right” originally aired in 1956 with host Bill Cullen, it was discontinued in 1965. When it returned in September, 1972 with new host Bob Barker (coming over from “Truth or Consequences”), the new version found unprecedented longevity. “The Price is Right” changed hosts with the retirement of Bob Barker in 2007, but it has continued to outlast a changing television landscape for 37 years, and has survived to the present, largely due to a resurgence of the show’s popularity on college campuses.

6: Sesame Street - PBS

Record: Longest running children’s program.
The Children’s Television Workshop and muppet creator Jim Henson combined to create a powerful children’s show in 1969 that featured education and entertainment. The show originally aired in November, 1969 and has continued to the present for an amazing 40 years. Many of the “jokes” in the programming are intentionally aimed at adult viewers, and “Sesame Street” has the unique ability to attract both toddlers and their parents.

5: General Hospital - ABC

Record: Longest running program filmed in Hollywood.
Although it is set in Port Charles, New York, daytime drama “General Hospital” is the longest West Coast production on American television. The show debuted in April, 1963 as a half-hour program, and expanded to a full hour in 1978 to remain a constant fixture on ABC for 46 years. The show’s highest point was achieved in the early 1980’s with the marriage of Luke and Laura (the highest viewership of any daytime drama for a single episode), and a wacky plot involving secret agents, world domination, and a mysterious object known as The Ice Princess. When popular Laura (Genie Francis) left the show briefly, she was replaced as Luke’s love interest by a young and savage Demi Moore.

4: Pro Bowlers Tour - ABC, CBS, Fox, ESPN

Record: Longest running sports program.
This event originally aired in 1962, and was an extension of the Professional Bowlers Association. The “Pro Bowlers Tour” was highly responsible for the popularity of bowling in America during the 1960’s and 1970’s, and the championship game regularly drew many more viewers than did college football. When ABC ended its yearly run with the “Pro Bowlers Tour” in 1997, it was briefly picked up by CBS and then the Fox Sports Network through 2000. Finally, ESPN gave it a permanent home in 2001, where the “Pro Bowlers Tour” has been able to continue enjoying its uninterrupted run for 47 years.

3: Guiding Light - CBS

Record: Longest running daytime drama.
Soap opera “Guiding Light” made the jump from NBC radio to CBS television in June, 1952 and is scheduled to air its final episode in September, 2009, giving it a run of 57 years. The show has survived and rolled with many marketing swings (color television, African American characters, expansion from half-hour to full-hour, etc.), but was finally axed on April 1, 2009 by CBS. Although the last official episode will air on September 19, host Proctor & Gamble is still in negotiation to move the program to another venue and perhaps keep the series alive at a new home.

2: CBS Evening News - CBS

Record: Longest running network newscast.
Originally airing in August, 1948 with anchor Douglas Edwards, the “CBS Evening News” has been the flagship program for the CBS network for 61 years. The anchor desk is extremely stable, and has featured only six news anchors during its entire run. The venerable Walter Cronkite followed Douglas Edwards, and Cronkite was eventually succeeded by Dan Rather. Following a brief pairing of Dan Rather with Connie Chung in the mid-90’s, Rather continued as the sole anchor until a scandal forced him to resign in 2005. He was briefly replaced by Bob Schieffer, and the current anchor desk is held by Katie Couric.

1: Meet the Press - NBC

Record: Longest running show in worldwide broadcast history.
“Meet the Press” is a Sunday morning talk show that began in November, 1947, and features a moderator and topical guests discussing everything from politics to the economy to foreign affairs. Eleven moderators have graced “Meet the Press,” including original moderator Martha Rountree, Roger Mudd, Chris Wallace, and its longest-serving moderator of 16 years Tim Russert. When the ever-popular Tim Russert died unexpectedly in 2008, he was briefly replaced by a retired Tom Brokaw, and finally by David Gregory, which all adds up to an amazing 62 years of continuous television broadcasting.

Pretty cool. Ice Bear approves, and that's always good.

Lady GaGa Compares The Jonas Brothers and The Beatles

*thanks to*

Lady GaGa just got on my bad side.

Lady GaGa has compared the Beatles to the Jonas Brothers.
The singer made her assessment after admitting that her song "The Fame" was inspired by the Fab Four's 1969 Abbey Road album.
"They were responsible for the birth of the sexual revolution for women," she gushed to Britain's The Daily Star, before adding that the Jonas Brothers are currently the Liverpool legends' equivalent.
She said: "Now we have the Jonas Brothers representing the return of the superfan."

What is she thinking?! The crazy. I do like both the Beatles and the Jonas Brothers, but the bands are at two different ends of the band spectrum. They are uncomparable, and although I do not have a problem with Lady GaGa expresing her opinions, I just do not agree.

Ice Bear is not a fan of either band, so she is not sure how to approve. Darn you, Ice Bear! Now it is MY turn to judge ICE BEAR!

*added 5/7/09 - I have gotten Ice Bear to listen to some music, and now she enjoys both the Beatles and the Jonas Brothers. Well done, Ice Bear. Well done.*

I Have An Active Imagination

*thanks to Cal*

I totally have problems with the highlighted part... after you read that, then read what I wrote beneath it, you will understand why.
Yes, I watch 'Dancing With The Stars'. I tried to avoid being charmed by the contestants but with the final five couples I am totally into cheering and critiquing my favourites like I was raised in the ballroom. In truth, @#^!*&$, I was raised by wolves in the wilds of northern Quebec but we still danced. We danced across the icy tundra like our lives depended on it. With weeks to go I will predict that Lil Kim will win but Shawn Johnson SHOULD win cause she is cute and spunky and spunky and cute. I wish someone would love me because secretely I would kill to learn how to dance like that. But I would kill right now for a meatball sub so what does that say? Ty Murray is great because he is so far out of his element but he has no chance of winning. He already married Jewel so he has nothing to bitch about. And Melissa, the sentimental favourite - I am loving how she charmed everyone since her post bachelor embarrassment. Gilles of course is the dark horse and never underestimate his greasy latino charm.Goes to show what I know. L'il Kim got eliminated tonight.

Now, when I read the red part, I can just picture Cal and a bunch of wolves doing that disco dance thing (hand to waist, back to sky... get it?) on an iced-over lake. Makes me head hurt. Makes me afraid of Cal.

Ice Bear approves of neither me nor Cal.

2 Star Trek Links

Star Trek Failure Generator -

Star Trek Release Date -

Happy Birthday to "The Host"!

*thanks to*
Today marks the 1 year anniversary of The Host's publication—and it is still on bestseller lists everywhere. Congratulations Stephenie!
If you have some free time, go check out where you can find videos, discussion questions, banners to celebrate The Host's first birthday and more!
And if you are a new Stephenie Meyer fan and have not yet read The Host, I would definitely recommend reading it. If you don't have it, then I would recommend
buying it now and then reading it. If you are new to the site, I will repeat what I have mentioned in the past, even though I have been criticized at times for saying it. Out of Stephenie's five published books (and I am a huge fan of the Twilight series), The Host is my favorite. It really is an incredible and very enjoyable book.

I am a huge fan of the Twilight books, and of Stephenie Meyer. So, of course, I did read The Host and am very glad I did. A great sci-fi book, and definitely worth reading. Read it... read it... read it...

Ice Bear approves of it! Will you read it now?

5 Things You Didn't Know About Chris Pine

*thanks to*

Chris Pine's career is poised to take off at warp speed as he assumes the iconic role of Capt. James T. Kirk in the re-launch of Star Trek. Pine, 29, filed a captain's log with PEOPLE, revealing five things you may not know about the Enterprise's rising star:
His father, actor Robert Pine, played Sgt. Getraer – Erik Estrada's boss on CHiPs: "I learned that life is not always wine and roses. As a working actor, there are the fouler times. Then there are those times that are really great. It's just a matter of keeping a head on your shoulders, keeping a sense of humor, and looking ahead."
He discovered hooking up with green alien girls isn't as sexy as it may seem: "That poor girl, Rachel Nichols, was in the makeup chair for two hours getting painted, so there was a lot of green paint on my nose after many a take. It wasn't as fun as it looked. It was a long day and, yes, the makeup proved to kill any buzz that I might have gotten otherwise."
His grandmother is a big William Shatner fan: "She watched T.J. Hooker every time she babysat me. Inevitably there would be some old rerun of Star Trek, but I was not a fan by any means – just via my grandmother by proxy. I was more of a Star Wars kid." Dad recently worked with the original Captain Kirk. "He actually did a Priceline commercial with him. Shatner was a chauffer and my dad was the rich guy in the back."
He met Shatner for the first time at his charity horse show on April 25: "I did not want to make it about any kind of big meeting between the two Kirks. I wanted to support him and shake hands with him finally. I hope to get a chance to really sit down with him sometime, one-on-one. It would be a lot of fun ... In my mind, Capt. Kirk will always be William Shatner, and William Shatner will always be Capt. Kirk."
He learned stuntmen have a way of dealing with actors who miss their marks: "On my first day of shooting I ended up breaking a stunt guy's nose on the second take. A word of caution to any young actor out there: Do NOT hurt stuntmen because they will pay you back in kind. The next take after that, this big stunt guy kicked me in the stomach. He said it wasn't on purpose, but I don't know.",,20276830,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

Ice Bear approves of Chris Pine.

Tom Servo

*thanks to The Daily What*

My dad introduced me to the wonder and hilarity that is Mystery Science Theater 3000. I love the show, and I do love Tom Servo. It's so cute!!!!!!!


*thanks to The Daily What*

I think Cthulu hates me. I had never heard of Cthulu before I started blogging... and now it's stalking me.
Save me, Wolverine!
Ice Bear does NOT approve!

Oh, I'm Afraid of This Llama.

*thanks to Super Punch*

It looks like one of those weird pillows... I am not going within a 10543u8963472097653849761R3095854193549741239 mile radius of that thing!
Plus, what happened to make it like that?!
Ice Bear judges it... and so do I!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hugh Jackman meets Ronaldo

*thanks to*

One of my favorite actors, the delicious Hugh Jackman, meets a star of the sport I play (but am not going to play after this season is over...), Ronaldo! What does the shirt say above X-Men Origins? I can't figure it out! But still, the spicy Jackman makes my heart smile (to borrow a quote from Bridget... for the second time, I think)! Ice Bear approves of this.

SAO PAULO – The Wolverine has met a real-life superhero of Brazilian soccer.
Actor Hugh Jackman took time from promoting "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" to visit striker Ronaldo, who is showing Wolverine-like healing powers in his third comeback to competitive soccer.
Jackman attended a practice of the Corinthians club Tuesday and gave a movie shirt to Ronaldo. The three-time FIFA player of the year reciprocated with a team jersey bearing the letter X instead of a number.
Many thought Ronaldo was done after suffering the third serious knee injury of his career in February 2008.
But the 32-year-old has thrived since suiting up for Corinthians this year, scoring eight goals in 11 matches to lead the club to its 26th state title on Sunday.

Actor Hugh Jackman, right, gives a T-shirt promoting his movie to soccer player Ronaldo in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Tuesday, May 5, 2009. Jackman took some time from promoting 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' in Brazil to visit striker Ronaldo, who is thriving in his third comeback to competitive football after serious knee injuries. The shirt reads in Portuguese 'I am indestructible!'

Oh, I figured out what it says! Yay, Portugal!

What Did They Do To Ice Bear?!

*thanks to The Daily What*

I left Ice Bear alone for two seconds, and she goes and does this?! I'm afraid to leave her now! Meep! Oh no, now I would like a pair! AAAHHH!!!

Omigosh, This CANNOT Be Good... So, Where Can I Get A Pair?!

*thanks to The Daily What and aekirby6*

I am so afraid of this. Thanks to YouTuber aekirby6, I now have seen the future, and it is dangerous. Wolverine claws - real knives, maybe swords. They look dangerous, but I would definitely like a pair. Not that my parents would let me get some, but still, stuff could happen.

Ice Bear judges bad things would happen.

President of The World - Ice Bear.

Don't judge me too harshly, we all know I have too much time on my hands and not going to school today didn't help that. Trying to think of things to post and looking at old posts, I saw my Obama Ninja, then an Ice Bear post. And, shocker of shocks, we have President Ice Bear. Behold - she will judge the nations, and the world will be at peace (until she judges a tad too much, then Team H will be forced to step in)! Also, don't pick on me for Ice Bear's strange appearance. I made her larger, and that made it hard to see the black. So I outlined it. Pick on me, and feel Team H's wrath! HYEAAAH!
Bow at her feet! Bow, I say, or she will get Grizzy (and Grizzly always plays too tough)!

No, Canada, Don't Do It!

*thanks to Cal*

I do not think I have ever been more afraid of Canadians.

Trust me...this is the LAST thing you want to see. Not since the Vikings will a people come storming out of the frozen tundra to bring their terrible vengeance to the world. That is the Niquil talking or is it? I love the way they use the term 'fiesty'. Its like a more polite way to express our desire to kick some ass. Its SO Canadian a term.I think they really don't mean what they think they mean with this poster.

"A significant majority of Canadians are willing to risk friction with other nations in pursuit of this country's interests, according to a new survey that suggests Canada has "grown feistier" about its role in the world during this decade. The poll of 1,600 Canadians, commissioned by the Montreal-based Association for Canadian Studies, found 67 per cent of respondents agreed with the statement: "Canada should follow its own interests even if it leads to conflict with other nations. "This contrasts with 49 per cent in 2003 who agreed with this view," notes the study of Canadian attitudes towards the country's place on the global stage, prepared by ACS executive director Jack Jedwab. The findings indicate Canadians have "grown feistier when it comes to defending their interests on the international front," the study states. The survey also showed 58 per cent of respondents believe Canada has gained more sway in international affairs in recent years. "In this decade, Canadians refused the invitation of the U.S. to send troops to Iraq," the study notes. "More recently they have warned Russia not to push their claims on Arctic sovereignty. The majority of Canadians think that their influence in world affairs has grown over the past few years." At the same time, nearly half of those surveyed — 47 per cent — expressed concern that international organizations "take too much power from Canada" on the world stage. According to a 2003 survey cited in the ACS study, only 27 per cent of Canadians felt that way six years ago. The latest survey, conducted in March by Leger Marketing, has a margin of error of 3.9 percentage points, 19 times out of 20. Jedwab says evidence that Canadians believe the country's "prestige has grown" is emerging just as Canada approaches an optimistic new era in its relationship with the U.S. under President Barack Obama, who is due to announce a new ambassador to Ottawa. "This could be a very long honeymoon period," Jedwab said in an interview. "A lot of what Obama says rings very nicely with Canadian views on a whole set of issues." But pointing to a recent Gallup poll in the U.S., Jedwab notes that while Canada is widely seen as that country's best friend, it actually trails Britain as the U.S.'s "most valuable ally" in the minds of many Americans. The late February poll of 1,023 U.S. residents found 36 per cent of respondents named Britain as best ally, compared with 29 per cent for Canada. Japan (12 per cent), Israel (10 per cent) and Germany (five per cent) garnered a significant number of responses, as well. The Gallup poll also illuminated differences of opinions between Republicans and Democrats in terms of which country is the U.S.'s best ally. While 35 per cent of Democrats ranked Canada ahead of Britain (32 per cent), Republicans strongly preferred Britain (41 per cent) over Canada (26 per cent). And while Britain was named top ally in the eastern, western and southern regions of the U.S., 39 per cent of respondents in the Midwest chose Canada over Britain (31 per cent). "Going forward, we're in a feel-good mood with the United States," said Jedwab. "We still feel pretty good about ourselves internationally. But that may change, depending on where Obama sees U.S. interests heading, and who he thinks its most valuable allies are."

Paper Wolverine

*thanks to the daily what*

I must have done something to please the gods of paper, because I have found this magnificent paper sculpture of the most wonderful superhero ever - not to mention the HOTTEST! It comes from a guy named Joe, who is doing a paper toy a day. Wolverine is toy 100. Coincidental... or awesomedental? 100 is the perfect number! Thank you, The Daily What, for the artfulness that is Paper Wolverine.

Wolverine is a fictional character, a superhero that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in Incredible Hulk #180 (October 1974) and was created by writer Len Wein and Marvel art director John Romita Sr., who designed the character, and was first drawn for publication by Herb Trimpe. Wolverine later joined the X-Men's "All New, All Different" roster in Giant-Size X-Men #1 (May 1975).In May 2008, Wolverine was ranked #1 out of "Wizard Magazine's Top 200 Comic Book Characters of All Time".

One of Them

It appears that I have become one of them. Cal posted a comment on one of my blogs:
OMG...she is one of us the poor kid. I look forward to great things now that Team H has Ice Bear but be careful...even Chuck Norris is not immune to the stinging critiques of Ice Bear. And there is nothing worse than seeing a Chuck Norris cry.

Take notice to the highlighted part. What, exactly, is one of you? How do I act, and what must I accomplish?

And who is us?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ice Bear Judges You by CrazyFLDJM

My younger brother, CrazyFLDJM, who has the blogs and, made this for Ice Bear judging not just you, but your voice. What can't Ice Bear do?!

Thanks to CrazyFLDJM for creating this magnificent version of the Ice Bear judging you... and Ice Bear's clones of different genders and races. No sexism or racism here. :D


Katy Perry and... Kitty Purry.

I was reading an article about Katy Perry about the ring she bought so she can be in style for swine flu. She says, "Since swine flu is super trendy I wanted to make sure I was in style with my swine flu ring!" But that is not the most disturbing part!

And if that's not silly enough, Perry relates a conversation about the swine flu she had with her cat (yes, her cat), whom she's named Kitty Purry. "Kitty Purry was telling me the other night that she remembers when bird flu was in and now pig flu is cool and she wonders when kitty flu is gonna hit," writes Perry, "as she would like to be more popular than she currently already is."

Yes, you got it right. clearly states from an interview with Katy Perry that she does, in fact, have a cat named after her (just using cat-related words that rhyme), and has conversations with it. I love her voice, I love her songs, and I think she's great. She has fun with what she does, and she is definitely a good role model (from what I've seen). I have no problem with her, or Kitty Purry, although I do not wish to kiss that girl (or her cat).

Ice Bear approves of Katy Perry and Kitty Purry.

Go, Kitty Purry, go!

Did You See That?!

*courtesy of one of my friends*

There are 190 pictures of strange phenomenon in sports (I believe they are still sports, I didn't look at them all). Do not feel obligated to see them all. They certainly are interesting, though. Ice Bear approves of things so strange, but not of sports. Ice Bear, much like myself, is not a big sports fan. She is not even a bear, bear, goose fan. That game excludes people, and makes Ice Bear feel especially exluded. Ice Bear is never goose, and Grizzly ALWAYS is! No fair!

Wolverine with a Mutated Head

Not something I want to mess with.

Just To Make You Angry At Mother Nature

*thanks to SuperPunch*

Just to make you angry at what could happen eventually. Another catipus! Who remembers that other one? *picture is below* Also, I figured this would annoy Cal enough. Yay, Catipi!

Don't be getting any ideas, guys. Ice Bear doesn't approve of this.

You Gotta Be Kitten Me!

*thanks to Cal*

The Easy Way to Make Your Cat Fun Again -- powered by

I have to admit, I cracked up watching that video. I am not allowed to have cats... asthmatic brother, mother who hates cats, father who couldn't care less about a cat. I always did like cats, thought, and I am not TOTALLY positive I would call these people. Seems interesting enough, though... What was that number again?

Also, please do not pick on my for my "You Gotta Be Kitten Me!" It's a Family Guy reference.

Now, Because Of Your Stupidity, An Innocent Shoe Must Die!

*thanks to Cal*

Usually am I totally against people who put clothing on their animals but I don't hate this look. It combines two of my favorite things. Like Reese's peanut butter cups its two great things that go great together.
Thank you, Cal. I honestly laughed like a hyena when I read this. My family thinks I've lost my mind. I totally love the idea of a cat Superman, although I do not believe the true Superman would kill an innocent shoe just because of MY stupidity! Why, Supercat, why?!

May The Fourth Be With You!

*thanks to Wings and The Daily What*

Today is May 4th, I knew that. But what I did not realize was, thanks to information from my dad and The Daily What, that it is Star Wars day. I am going to have to drink from my Star Wars cup! I usually drink from a themed cup on days such as these. On May 1st, I drank from my Wolverine cup. But, if you want more info on this holiday, go to this site -!

Geeks of the world, rejoice!

May The Fourth Be With You!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Team H

Team H is growing! We have two new members! Myself, and Wolverine. Why I didn't think of Wolverine, the nearly unkillable (also totally hot) superhero, is a mystery to me. I, obviously, was not the first person I thought of. But, I wanted to be a part of this group (waaa, I want to fit in!), so I pulled some strings and got myself in. Remember to message me with suggestions for new members, and catchphrases for Team H! What, what?!

Team H


Okay, so I'm going to start a team of super-powerful, immortal, inhuman beings So far, we have two members - Ice Bear, and Chuck Norris. We choose only the greatest warriors for Team H. Send me your suggestions, and I will research and approve... or decline. Ice Bear will help me judge them. Happy hunting. Team H! We need a catchphrase, too, enter your catchphrase suggestions!
PS: If you are wondering WHY we are Team H, it is because I chose the letter H. It's a random letter, I know, but nobody ever picks H. Why not? If you have a problem with it, take it up with Team H.