Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thanks, Cal!

Thanks to Cal (Calvin's Canadian Cave Of Coolness) for recognizing me and my Ice-Bearish talents. Thanks, random Canadian dude I don't really know! You can trust Canada... most of the time.

What Cal Said:
Much thanks to follower Nicole for creating not only this wicked cool image of our beloved Ice Bear but for actually developing the 'Ice Bear Movie Review System.' Its so perfect I wonder why I never thought of it first. Ice Bear is the perfect mascot for judgement. Sure her judgement is often harsh and insensitive but that comes from years in the tough arctic tundra struggling for survival. Any movie or TV show that can pass the rigorous standards of Ice Bear is worthy of its 'one or two paws up' rating. I know I did not invent 'Ice Bear Judges You' but I did popularize it and start the phenomenon because only I had the genius to recognize it potential. The person who created the comic strip where I found the phrase should be happy. I am doing more for Ice Bear than he ever did. There is gonna be SUCH a huge lawsuit isn't there? Well bring it #%!*@ or do you fear the legal judgement of Ice Bear?


  1. Like your new blog. And I fear the Ice Bear.

  2. Everybody fears Ice Bear.
    Ice Bear fears Chuck Norris.
    Chuck Norris fears nobody.
    How awesomely deadly would a Chuck Norris and Ice Bear team be?

  3. ^ And thus, Team H was born. Thank you, Wings, for saying "And I fear the Ice Bear.", which got my brain waves a'workin', and I thought up Team H. I thank you, Team H thanks you, and the world thanks you! Ice Bear will not judge you... tonight. Tomorrow, she is back to judging you.

  4. OMG...she is one of us the poor kid. I look forward to great things now that Team H has Ice Bear but be careful...even Chuck Norris is not immune to the stinging critiques of Ice Bear. And there is nothing worse than seeing a Chuck Norris cry.