Thursday, February 11, 2010

Theme Thursday - Mirror

I have read the House of Night series of books - well, the ones that have come out so far - and I am a huge fan. My two favorite characters are Damien and Jack, and I am writing a FanFic of the two of them. The link for the story is above, and, although it would make more sense to you if you read the books and/or the entire "chapter", here is an excerpt from the first "chapter":

His expression became puzzled and concerned. “Is there something wrong, Damien?” he asked, concern coloring his voice.

“Oh, no, no, no, no, no, not at all!!” I insisted. “They’re so beautiful.”

He grinned widely. “Really? What are they?”

“Well, there are plugs… and ribbons... and bows…”

His smile got wider. “It’s me!!”

I smiled back. “It sure is. There are also swirls and gorgeous twinkling stars,” I told him.

He giggled and his eyes filled with curiousity. “Like yours? Can I see??” he asked me eagerly. Shaunee whipped out a mirror and handed it to him. I looked at her with a question on my face, and she shrugged.

“You never know when you’ll need a mirror,” she explained.

I laughed. “Of course!!”

"So true, Twin!" Erin agreed, and I turned to her. Erin had pulled out her own mirror, and she had it in her hand and was fixing her hair. Shaunee took it and began fixing her own hair, and I laughed at the Twin-liness of it all.

Chuckling, I turned back to Jack, my figure still bent over his body. He gasped as I held the mirror up for him. He stared into the mirror for a few moments, unmoving, then he grabbed the mirror delicately with the hand that had been strangling the sheet and looked at his face from all sides. He scooted up higher so he was in more of a sitting position, and he examined his new tattoos.

A new tear rolled down his cheek. “The stars and swirls… They’re just like yours.” He choked out. “We do belong together.” A round of tears fell down his cheeks, happy tears this time.

I smiled at him as I felt tears begin to roll down my cheeks. “That’s exactly what I thought. And exactly what I know.” I told him around my tears.

Monday, February 1, 2010


"Oh, you know who I'd love to see on stage together just once? Adam Lambert and any sense of personal restraint. Could happen. Anything could happen at the Grammys!!" -- Stephen Colbert at the Grammys last night. You want a lack of personal restraint?! I'll SHOW you a lack of personal restraint!! I will send you a very angry email. TAKE THAT. Poor Adam. Hope he's okay. He was probably like, "Hey. That guy said my name. Heyyyyyyy!!!!!" So rude. That's wicked rude. Does this guy do this often?

That's kinda wicked rude because girls have been doing what Adam did for a long time, and nobody's cared. I always tell people when the topic surfaces that if Britney Spears or someone had done what'd he done, nobody would've cared. Just another day in the life of celebrities. But nooooooooo, because he's a guy, let's get all upset about it!!! He doesn't regret anything. He said the only thing he regrets is that he didn't sing better. People ask him if he did it over, would he do it all different? He says he would sing better. So, yeah, Stephen. Maybe you should've thought about that.

"I don't feel like I owe anyone an apology... I did something female performers have been doing for years. All of a sudden a guy does it, and it's crazy. I do think there's a slight double standard." "I think the adrenaline kind of took me over... I admit and I'm kind of proud of the fact that I did get a little carried away. I had a good time and I was merely interpreting the lyrics of my song. It wasn't meant to piss anyone off, it wasn't meant to hurt anyone or cause any problems." "I'm sexual person, and maybe people didn't see that on American Idol... But now ... they do." --- All Adam quotes about the AMA performance. There are many more quotes, but all along these lines. See the first quote? We are in agreeance.

So, Stephen Colbert, if your this rude often, don't do it. It's simply not nice. (can't embed it) (can't embed it)