Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Have An Active Imagination

*thanks to Cal*

I totally have problems with the highlighted part... after you read that, then read what I wrote beneath it, you will understand why.
Yes, I watch 'Dancing With The Stars'. I tried to avoid being charmed by the contestants but with the final five couples I am totally into cheering and critiquing my favourites like I was raised in the ballroom. In truth, @#^!*&$, I was raised by wolves in the wilds of northern Quebec but we still danced. We danced across the icy tundra like our lives depended on it. With weeks to go I will predict that Lil Kim will win but Shawn Johnson SHOULD win cause she is cute and spunky and spunky and cute. I wish someone would love me because secretely I would kill to learn how to dance like that. But I would kill right now for a meatball sub so what does that say? Ty Murray is great because he is so far out of his element but he has no chance of winning. He already married Jewel so he has nothing to bitch about. And Melissa, the sentimental favourite - I am loving how she charmed everyone since her post bachelor embarrassment. Gilles of course is the dark horse and never underestimate his greasy latino charm.Goes to show what I know. L'il Kim got eliminated tonight.

Now, when I read the red part, I can just picture Cal and a bunch of wolves doing that disco dance thing (hand to waist, back to sky... get it?) on an iced-over lake. Makes me head hurt. Makes me afraid of Cal.

Ice Bear approves of neither me nor Cal.