Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lady GaGa Compares The Jonas Brothers and The Beatles

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Lady GaGa just got on my bad side.

Lady GaGa has compared the Beatles to the Jonas Brothers.
The singer made her assessment after admitting that her song "The Fame" was inspired by the Fab Four's 1969 Abbey Road album.
"They were responsible for the birth of the sexual revolution for women," she gushed to Britain's The Daily Star, before adding that the Jonas Brothers are currently the Liverpool legends' equivalent.
She said: "Now we have the Jonas Brothers representing the return of the superfan."

What is she thinking?! The crazy. I do like both the Beatles and the Jonas Brothers, but the bands are at two different ends of the band spectrum. They are uncomparable, and although I do not have a problem with Lady GaGa expresing her opinions, I just do not agree.

Ice Bear is not a fan of either band, so she is not sure how to approve. Darn you, Ice Bear! Now it is MY turn to judge ICE BEAR!

*added 5/7/09 - I have gotten Ice Bear to listen to some music, and now she enjoys both the Beatles and the Jonas Brothers. Well done, Ice Bear. Well done.*


  1. Ice Bear isn't a fan of the Beatles??? Ice Bear loses credibility.

  2. THAT is why I judge Ice Bear! I will make her listen to the Beatles... she will begin to enjoy them.