Saturday, May 9, 2009

Motivational Posters

Okay, so I was introduced to the wonderful world of motivational posters yesterday. Here are some of the funnier ones I saw.
Oh, God, I'm Afraid!Why, Ice Bear, why?! Poor Goldie!I know this isn't a motivational poster, but I needed to post it anyways. To this, I say, "Sackboy does not do the judging... ICE BEAR DOES!"NOBODY is as much of a bear as Ice Bear. NOBODY!Darn the cats of the world! DARN YOU!Okay, cats, because of this, I forgive you. Although that IS a pretty adorable mouse... DARN YOU AGAIN, CATS! DARN YOU!

Oh, someone clean that poor, innocent kitty!


  1. The cat and mouse picture is great! I've got a pic of one of MY cats up today. Oh, and a poem.


  2. Ha, I love the visual of the pool shark!

  3. Ha! Why are cats always the subject of these posters?

  4. Just love the shark poster! :)