Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My "Exhausted Beast"

I had a fun day today! I made a sculpture using clay and silver paint. It's a self-portrait. I saw an exhibit today from the artist Rona Pondick. Rona Pondick makes cool art using modern-looking things and old-looking things, and her art is always out of proportion and odd-looking. It's actually pretty cool. I took an art thing to make a sculpture while I was there, and we used her art as a model for ours. We made self-portraits, but incorporated other stuff. Mine has a tail, a spicy hat, unicorn horn, Wolverine claws (see first picture), dreadlocks, massive eyes, a tiny crazy smile, no nose, and it's lying down. We also had to give it a name. Mine is called the "Exhausted Beast". It's a pretty dang awesome sculpture, and Ice Bear herself judged it. She approves. What more can I ask for?