Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Theme Thursday - Suitcases


Today, I was going to Brazil. Nothing I hadn't seen before, but still exciting. I already have a Brazilian sticker. I was taking with me about everything in my house, so I'm going to be there for awhile. I was taking a bunch of shirts, pants, cameras, medicine. Can you take medicine on a trip? Not sure. We'll figure it out at the airport. I don't think going to be a problem.

Anyways, I was going with six of my friends. Damiro, Kiva, Lodis, Nokona, Piel, and Siamod. There is a photo of us below. We met at a meeting of BBMA - Bright Blue Mustaches Anonymous. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Rimowa, and I am spicy-looking. Very tanned. Gold-like. So beautiful. There's a picture of me below, since you really want to see me.

Our flight leaves soon... It's crowded where we are... We're on the first floor of the plane. It's like they just threw us together in here. It looks like a cargo hold is what it looks like.

I see Damiro... Kiva is in the corner, a couple feet away from me. Lodis is on the other side. Nokona and Siamod are mashed together in the middle. And Piel is... nowhere. I can't see Piel. I call out. "Piel?" Nothing. I look at Kiva. I ask where Piel is. She doesn't know. We look. No one else has seen Piel. We search through the plane. No Piel.

Piel is gone.

Nobody is listening. Maybe he got on the wrong flight. Piel is young. Maybe he was stolen. I hope not. He was carrying some valuables - necklaces, rings, jewels. An expensive phone. Poor Piel. I wonder if he's okay. Piel.

The plane gets where it's going. We're in Brazil. No Piel. We go to Security. They search for Piel. Going through the airport, we go through the scanners. They see the medicine I have. "It's fine!" I insist, but I don't think he heard me.

Maybe he doesn't speak my language. We ARE in Brazil. I think he could speak my language, though. He speaks Portuguese, I guess. I am pretty good at speaking in Portuguese. "É bem!" I shout. "É bom remédio! Deixe-me sozinho! Temos de encontrar Piel! Por favor, nos ajudem a encontrar Piel!*" Nothing. Stupid man. I don't think he speaks anything. Probably can't hear me.
I'm rather small compared to men. Very, umm, small. See the picture of me next to a man below. Not a fun experience. He, like, crushed me.

I had them go on without me. Piel is more important than I at the moment. They know where I am. They don't know where Piel is. They must find Piel.

I sit there. I wait. They scan me. They took my meds. What a shock. Just because I have itchy allergy eyes and a stuffy, runny nose and a sore throat doesn't mean they should take my Claritin.


It has been a few days. I finally got home. The Claritin came, too, but I wouldn't use it. They might've poisoned it. And that's not spicy. Not spicy at all.
No nom nom nomming here.

I look around, I heard shouts. I look out the window of the room I'm in. Piel is home. I turn around and tell everyone else. Everyone is happy. I am happiest of all.

Piel comes in to the room. We fall down around him, so happy. He was stolen, and robbed, but we don't care. We're just happy to have him back.


Today, I am going to Tokyo. Nothing I haven't seen before, but still exciting. I already have a Japanese sticker. I was taking with me about everything in my house, so I'm going to be there for a while. I was taking a bunch of shirts, pants, cameras, but not medicine. I learned my lesson. We have locks this time. Nothing is getting stolen. I'll see you later.

Oh, to be a suitcase.

*It is well! It is good medicine! Leave me alone! We must find Piel! Please help us find Piel!

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  1. oh the life of the suitcase. the stories i am sure they could tell and from what a perspective, tossed in a corner and forgotten until time to move on. and getting lost and sent to all the wrong places...happy tt. great post!

  2. Great post! Love the point-of-view of the suitcase itself! Wonderful!

  3. Oh that was so cute. I was beginning to think you were really callous for enjoying your holiday without your friend! Bon Voyage!

  4. Love the POV take on this! Very fun post :)

  5. Neat. Naming of suitcases. I like it.

  6. Nicole, I absolutely loved your story. Great perspective on the suitcase theme. Wonderfully told. Thanks for this.

  7. Great story! I loved the names for the suitcases!

  8. Thank you, everyone, for your positive comments on a post I wasn't too sure about! You boosted my self-confidence!

  9. Of all the stories I read as a teacher its the ones that take a creative spin on the topic that I enjoy the most. This is a prime example of a great imagination. Awesome work Nicole!

  10. Very clever, entertaining post, Nicole. Great fun.

  11. This was incredibly entertaining! You worried for nothing. ;-)

  12. I was just going through comments when I stumbled upon this one... For anyone who cares, the names of the suitcases are the names of their brands.