Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thanks So Much!

Whenever I post something, I usually get comments. Three people that always give me positive feedback are Wings, Cal, and Brian Miller. You guys TOTALLY ROCK! Let me share a few of their comments with you:

Yeah, Cal is weird, but he's got long paragraphs on how awesome I am!


Brian Miller:

Brian Miller always has something strange to say and something interesting to tell me!

Like I said before, thanks alot, guys! Your comments always make me smile!


  1. Well, you wouldn't get good comments without good posts, so thank you to you, too! :)

  2. did you know my middle name? lol. thanks for always entertaining.

  3. I agree with what your dad said. Maybe you should write some crappy posts so you don't look so smart and creative next to us. LOL