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Dawn's Light

Okay, so, the TwiCon was holding a contest to see who is the best FanFiction writer. You had to write what happens to Edward and Bella 100 years after the last book. If you plan on reading the series, read no further - spoilers be ahead. Ye been warned! Now, if you are still here, read my FanFiction story and enjoy! P.S. This is from Jasper's POV!

Dawn's Light

I wonder what time it is. I glanced around the room, and saw no clock. I'll go check Carlisle and Esme's clock. I turned and strode out the door. I paused at the first door, Carlisle and Esme's room. I could hear them talking inside, so I knocked on the door.
"Come in," Esme's warm voice called to me. I opened the door and walked in. I could taste the atmosphere in here. It was a casual one. I sat in a chair in the corner of the room and looked at the couple. They were sitting in a couple of armchairs in front of a desk, centuries of love in their eyes. I looked at the clock. 10:54 at night. Okay then.
"Is everything alright, Jasper?" Carlisle asked. Esme eyed me warily. She hated to see any of us with even a hint of unhappiness. I concentrated, and let a calm spread throughout the room.
"Yes," I assured them. "Everything's fine. Just bored, I guess."
Carlisle smiled. He ran across the room and stood behind me. "How can you be bored?" he asked. "I don't think I have ever seen you bored."
Esme grinned. "Don't think I have, either." The atmosphere shifted to a playful mood. "Go find Emmett. I'm sure he would enjoy a good fight." She frowned, and I felt the disapproval enter her mood. I knew she didn't like the idea of us fighting.
"I don't have to fight with Emmett if you don't want, Esme."
She smiled. "Thanks."
Carlisle looked at me. "Go talk to Edward and Bella," he suggested.
"Alright," I told him. I stood up and crossed the room, clicking the door behind me. I walked across the hall and up the stairs to Edward's room. Usually, he and Bella were at their cottage, unless they wanted to listen to Edward's massive music collection. I could hear the beat pulsing through the room. I walked up to the door and knocked lightly. The music halted, and the door flew open. Bella stood there in the doorway, a surprised expression on her face. "Jasper?" she said. "None other," I told her with a smile, and walked past her into the room. Edward was sitting on his sofa, and I heard the door shut behind me. Bella flew past me and sat in Edward's lap.
"Hey, Jazz!" Edward greeted me. "What did you need?"
"As if you don't know," I teased.
He shrugged. "Yeah, stupid question. Did you want to listen to music?"
"Sure," I agreed. He motioned to a chair, and I crossed the room and sat down. He turned on jazz, and I laughed out loud.
"Nice," I commented. There was a short knock on the door. Bella sighed, and crossed the room again. She flung the door open.
"Alice!" she shouted, and hugged her tight. Alice had gone hunting a few days ago with Emmett and Rosalie. I always miss her when she goes. After Bella had gone back over to Edward and sat down, I darted across the room and kissed Alice. I'm sure she saw this coming. I heard Edward snickering at me, so I picked Alice up and crossed the room back to my chair. I cradled her in my lap, and gazed into her light golden eyes. She sighed, and looked over at Edward.
"How's Renesmee?" she asked.
"She's fine," he answered.
"And how's EJ?"
"He's fine, too," Edward replied.
Alice looked back at me. "We should go visit them," she told me.
"Alright," I agreed. I looked back at Edward and Bella. "We'll see you later."
"Yup," Alice said to them, "see you." She hopped out of my lap and started out the door. I dashed in front of her and swung her into my arms.
"Oh, no, you don't." I told her. "I haven't seen you in three days. You're staying with me."
She sighed. "Okay. But can you at least put me down?"I pretended to think about it, then looked down at her. She was smiling so beautifully. I could feel her emotions, her pure, innocent love, and I knew I felt exactly the same way. "Nope," I told her simply.
She sighed again, then wrapped her arms around my neck and tried to pull me down. I held, though, and didn't allow her the strength to pull. I grinned, and ran out the door and down the stairs. We flashed out the door, and I cradled Alice more tightly against me. I started running faster, down the road, down to La Push. I was glad that we could go there now, now that the boundaries were gone. I liked to see Renesmee and EJ. Sometimes, I even liked to see Jacob. I stopped outside Renesmee's house, and walked up the cobblestone path to the door. I set Alice on her feet before knocking on the door. She stuck her tongue out at me, and I smiled back at her. The door opened, and I looked up. Renesmee stood there, holding EJ, and she grinned when she saw us.
"Alice and Jazz!" she cried. "Hi!"
EJ looked up at us with intelligence and recognition in his eyes. He smiled at me, and I smiled back. I looked back at Renesmee.
"May I?" I asked, and held out my arms.
"Sure," she agreed. She handed me the baby, and I cradled the infant against my chest.
"Hey," I greeted EJ. He just looked at me and started playing with my shirt collar. I laughed.
Alice was standing next to me, and Renesmee in front of me, all of us looking at the small child. Then, Renesmee sighed, turned around, and starting walking into her house.
"Come in," she called over her shoulder.
We entered the room, and Alice went and started talking to Renesmee. I sat down in an old armchair, still holding the child. I was amazed when Carlisle found out this child has werewolf, human, and vampire characteristics. The vampire world and the werewolf world were shocked that such a child could ever be born. Yet here he is. A child that'll one day become a werewolf, has a vampire power, but right now is just a normal human child, aging no faster than any other, like Renesmee had. Just then the child blinked, and the lights turned off. He blinked again, and the lights turned on again. Renesmee peeked back in.
"What's he doing?" she asked.
"Nothing out of the ordinary," I assured her, then smiled at how exactly out of the ordinary it was. The child could control technology. Of course this was out of the ordinary. A child that was human, vampire and werewolf was a shock that none of the worlds he belonged to could exactly agree with, but accepted anyhow. All sides adore this child, and all sides will leave him alone.
Renesmee and Alice came back then. Alice had a cup in her hands, which she handed to me. I took it and began to feed the child. Alice smiled at me, then looked at Renesmee.
"Where's Jacob?" she asked.
"He went out to the store," she answered, and looked out the window she was next to.
"There he is now!" she exclaimed, her voice full of joy. She bolted to the door and wrenched it open. She dashed outside to the car and greeted Jacob with a quick kiss. Jacob lifted her up into his arms, and she started giggling. I shook my head, amazed at how we could have gotten to this point. It's great for both sides, of course, but surprising. But now I don't get to fight anybody.
Jacob walked in then, carrying a Renesmee slung over his shoulder, and groceries in his free hand. He set the bags on the couch, and slid Renesmee down next to the bags. She pulled herself away after a few seconds, picked up the bags, and took them into the kitchen. Alice followed, and I heard them start to put the food away. I looked over at Jacob, who was watching at the kitchen door, that was still swinging. I snapped my fingers in front of his face, and he started at the sudden noise. I smiled, and he looked at me and wrinkled his nose. I laughed out loud. I noticed Jacob's eyes straying to his son, so I held the infant out. Jacob took the cup, then took the baby.
Then, Alice and Renesmee entered the room again. Alice came over to me and sat in my lap. I looked down at her, staring into her vibrant golden eyes. Golden, wondrous as dawn. As purely radiant and ravishing as dawn's light. Alice is too beautiful for any of these words anyways.
Alice sighed. I chuckled, and her face broke into her breathtaking smile. I leaned my head down to her face and kissed her. Jacob cleared his throat, and I stood up, still holding Alice. I looked at Jacob, who was holding EJ, and standing next to Renesmee, and chuckled again. EJ whimpered, and Renesmee darted into the kitchen. I heard a fridge open, and a microwave beep. Renesmee flashed back in and handed Jacob a tiny bowl of scrambled eggs and a spoon for the child. He sat down and tried to feed him. He realized that was a lost cause, and took the baby into the kitchen. I turned to Renesmee, and Alice looked up at me.
"Well, how are the other werewolves?" I asked.
Renesmee replied, "They're fine. I heard Jared's son became a werewolf." She sighed. "I feel bad for the poor kid. He's so young... Only 13."
"13?" I asked, shocked. 13 seemed awful young.
"Yes," she answered, "and he's imprinted. This girl in his school... she's not Quileute, but he loves her."
"Who is she?" I asked purely out of curiosity.
"This girl named Rebecca," she said. "She knows everything now. She visits every so often."
"Oh." I said. I would have to meet this girl... I wondered if she knew about vampires, too.
Alice wrestled her way out of my arms and stood up. "It's time for us to go," she reminded me.
"Okay." I sighed, then jumped up. "Bye, Jacob!" I shouted.
"Bye!" he shouted back.
Alice turned towards the kitchen and shouted, "Bye, EJ!"
Alice flitted over to Renesmee, and kissed her cheek. "Bye, Nessie!" she said, and came back to me.
"Goodbye, Renesmee." I said. I lifted Alice, and ran out the door towards our house. I looked down at Alice as I ran, and she looked up at me, her face in a pout. I chuckled and looked up, and realized where we were. I ran into our house, and set her in the living room. She walked over to the bookshelf, full of books from our time in South America. After the Volturi came, about 75 years ago, we had gone to South America with Nahuel, the half-vampire, half-human, like Renesmee. We needed to what would happen with EJ, and we ended up finding Nahuel's half-sisters. Joham, Nahuel's father, had been killed by the Volturi. We realized being venomous was only for the half-vampire males, and EJ's not dangerous, since he had werewolf in him, too.
Alice chose a book with two pale arms holding an apple on the cover. What a strange book, I thought. Suddenly, we heard a crash upstairs. Alice looked up, then looked at me. We darted up the stairs, and ran towards the door that held the source of the noise - the room Edward and Bella were in before we left. I opened the door in a flash and peeked inside. Alice ran in before me and looked around. Suddenly, I noticed the window.
"Look," I cried, pointing at the window. I ran over to it, and looked at Alice's face. She looked worried, her angel's face pale, but then her eyes suddenly brightened and her mouth twisted up into a smile. She began to laugh. I looked out the window to see Edward and Bella in the bushes. What had they been doing?
Edward answered my thought. "Arm wrestling," he chuckled.
"Aha," I murmured, and leapt out the window. Alice was not far behind. We landed softly on the ground and watched them brush themselves off.
"And who won?" I asked, stifling a laugh.
Bella looked me straight in the eye. "Me!" she exclaimed, pride in her voice.
"Yeah," Edward said, "Another minute and it would have been me! She pushed me out the window!"
Bella rolled her eyes. "Yeah. Surrrre I did. And you didn't 'tumble' just so you could say you would have won, had I not pushed you."
"I swear, that didn't happen." Edward said solemnly, but a smile was playing on his lips and in his eyes.
Alice looked up at me. "I bet I could beat YOU at arm-wrestling!" she challenged.
I rolled my eyes, as Bella had. "Sure, sure."
She reached up and tousled my hair. She had to stretch and stand on her toes, she's as short as a leprechaun. I frowned and shook my head. She giggled at me, her face glowing. I had never seen anything more beautiful than her. She looked back at me, and then she suddenly whipped her head around to face Edward and Bella. She danced up to Bella and looked her in the eyes. "You may have been able to beat Edward, but you can never beat me... in... in... in a race!" she exclaimed. She suddenly turned around and sprinted into the woods.
Bella laughed. "Oh, yeah?" she shouted, and ran off after her. Edward chuckled, and turned to me.
"How's Renesmee?" he asked.
"Fine." I answered.
Then, I smelled something. The... most... delicious scent I have smelled in so long! I have smelled this scent before... I know it... but when? Not in so long, since at least Edward and Bella's first wedding. Without thinking, I started running. I couldn't stop running! I couldn't... stop... running. I heard Edward behind me, but I knew he was just as good in a fight as I was. Anyways, I was NOT going to let him take this meal away from me!
I knew I hated this feeling, but right now, instincts were in the front of my mind. What I wanted was in the front of my mind. What I knew was in the back, pushed away, shoved down, nothing. I heard Edward's footsteps, but now there were two pairs of lighter feet... Bella and Alice, I assumed. This was all taking place in the back of my mind, while the front of my mind focused on the hunt. Then, I heard footsteps ahead of me. Human footsteps. That scent. Yum. But I was so focused on the scent, I had forgotten to factor in that Edward was faster than me, and soon he was in front of me. He put each hand on one of my shoulders and pushed. I pushed back, and we collided. There was a tremendous crash, and I was on the ground with Edward pinning my arms down. I struggled, but I knew I didn't want to win, and gave up. I saw Bella and Alice looking down at me, and I turned my head away, ashamed and embarrassed. I could feel that Edward was disappointed, Bella was upset, and Alice was concerned. Why was Bella upset?
"Jasper?" Edward asked cautiously.
"Yeah?" I whispered.
"Are you done?" he asked.
"Yeah." I sighed. Edward leapt off of me and my Alice pulled me up. Edward looked at Bella, and they ran off towards the house.
"What's wrong with Bella?" I asked softly, embarrassment making me afraid to bring my voice higher than a whisper.
"That was Lacey," she whispered back.
"Oh, no," I groaned. Lacey was Bella's niece's daughter. I guess, her great niece. She lived around here, and her and Bella were so close. Like sisters. Before we went to South America, before EJ was born, Bella's mother Renee had a son, Phil Jr. He had a daughter, Nika, and she had a daughter, who was Lacey. I threw Alice on my back and ran after Bella and Edward. I ran until the scent stopped, then I halted and spun around. They were sitting by a tree. I slid Alice off my back and jogged back to where Edward and Bella were.
"Oh, Bella, I'm so sorry!" I exclaimed.
"No, Jazz, don't apologize, it's okay. That just... caught me by surprise, is all."
I could feel her emotions, and I knew that she truly wasn't upset, just startled. She hadn't known I would react like this.
As we walked home, I continued apologizing. I kept thinking of how terrible I am. I can't control myself! I could have killed one of Bella's best friends! I was uncontrollable!
We stopped outside the door. "It's okay, Jazz." she told me for the umpteenth time.
"Lacey is inside," Edward told us. "You okay, Jazz?" he asked.
I held my breath. "No." I told them. "I'll come back later."
"Okay," Edward said. His emotions were relief, as were Bella's. Alice was still concerned.
I turned and ran back into the woods. Alice caught up to me.
"Bella truly forgives you." she whispered.
I turned and looked at her. I could believe Alice. From now on, I swore to myself, I shall never put her through anything like that again. She shall never be concerned for me again. I looked at her, and she looked up at me.
"I know." I whispered back. Then, I kissed her. I could feel her surprise, but then it was like she started glowing. All the time that had passed... it was now dawn. I broke the kiss and looked down at her. She smiled at me, and behind her was a soft glowing, just like her emotions, just like her angel's face.
The dawn's light.

(Sorry the story was cut short. I didn't have any room left - 3000 word maximum.)


  1. Okay, well, I don't have any plans to read the books. But one never knows, so I won't be reading. Knowing your talent with creative writing, I am sure it is good. And that is the truth, whether we are related or not! :)

  2. I really enjoyed this. Good job.