Monday, June 8, 2009

Photo Collection

Photos I've had saved that I never blogged about. Enjoy!
Omj, this is AWESOME!

Dark Claw!

He may be a squid, but he's got tentacles, and that appears to scare Cal, and I love Spongebob, so here it is.

Cthulu? I think it's Cthulu. CTHULU IS BACK!

Hot cocoa or coffee?

Oh, that's me behind the mask.

Think this is creepy? Look at the next picture!

This girl can predict the future, and I MUST find her!

Aww... Eve... Wall-e...

Sheepists rejoice!

I think Wings will be happy... I can see AQUAMAN!

Don't yell at Ice Bear! She tries her hardest...

So cuteeee!


Everywhere is Chuck's territory, so why bother with a sign? Everyone knows this is a Chucktatorship.

As though the man weren't enough, the papercraft doll was created (at least, I think it's paper... it's from Cal. Cal?)


  1. Great pics! Glad Aquaman makes an appearance in that superhero pic! :)

  2. oh my...envious of the Dark Claw action figure and the Chuck action figure (even though it is paper, Chuck would never stand for being called a doll...) The first pic is probably my fav.

  3. Those are great pics especially that bald guy in the classroom. He seems AWESOME! (though what is with those stubby fingers?)That Chuck figure is papercraft...I don't think I could fold that much.

  4. A "Chucktatorship", love it! And that looks like me with the coffee on the sword...hey wait!