Sunday, August 23, 2009


Got this from Cal.

What food makes you sick? Yuck. Tomatoes.

What is a food habit that you can't stand? I really don't have problems with food habits... everyone has their own little quirks.

What food habit did your sister/brother used to have growing up that you couldn't stand? I can't think of any, really. My siblings eat like normal people. Well, sometimes my older brother puts weird stuff on weird food, but to each their own. He has a different taste than I do. XD

What food cracks you up? I don't think any food has ever made me laugh... unless it's, like, made into something funny, like a statue of something funny or something. Ahh my grammar is so pathetic.

What vegetable couldn't you live without? Yuck I can't think of any veggies I like right now.

Food gadgets you remember as a child? I know they still have them, but I remember the can-opener most for some reason.

Food that was hidden, then discovered on the top shelf of your room? You want the list?

Without mentioning robots, how do you think cooking in the future will be better? I agree with Cal - "Star Trek brand replicators that will let you eat anything with all the taste and nutrition but none of the calories."

What is an annoying thing that bothers you about women and food? Not answering that.

Food you once projectile vomited after being wasted? I've never been wasted, I'm 13! LOL XD

From Cal - What would be your last meal? Pierogies, Shells and Velveeta cheese, hmm... Two KFC drumsticks, smile fries, cookie dough, crispy bacon, a chicken strip basket from Dairy Queen, three bisquits, a basket of rolls and butter, a few Olive Garden breadsticks, and a southern chicken sandwich with mayo (from Mickey D's), then I would probably be full. I'd put whipped cream on everything, though, and dessert would be fat-free vanilla frozen yogurt (like the kind at this buffet place I like) with whipped cream, of course, with chocolate sauce, rainbow sprinkles and white chocolate chips. Oh, and a Reeses Whipps bar. I would have hot chocolate with whipped cream, a glass of water, and a dozen bottles of a dozen different sodas I like, and a glass of normal milk, chocolate milk, and strawberry milk. Plus, all my family and friends would be there with me. Oh, if it wasn't my last meal, that would be so AWESOME! I'm sure there is other stuff I'd like, but I can't think of it right now. Oh, now I'm hungry. XD

From Wandering Coyote - What is your funniest family food memory? Can't think of one right now.

My question is - What food do you love that is from another country? Pierogies!!!!!

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  1. That is an interesting list. And one HECK of a last meal! Wow...