Friday, October 2, 2009

Some Images I've Built Up For Cal

I took a picture of a commercial for a movie called NINJA ASSASSIN!!! OH YEAH!!!

The WTF Blanket - So read your Twilight Saga, you shut-ins! Rotflmao

One of my bffls (Alison) and I with a guy who looked like Kellan Lutz!

Me with Kellan!

My friend's cat, Mr. Kitty, whose nickname is Benjamin Button. Oh, and it's a girl. Oh, and I learned I'm extremely allergic to cats.

Here she is again!

And here she is again!!!

This was an image in a book at my doctor's office.

So was this!

This was on a book fair poster on a door outside my cafeteria.

I put a picture of a clownfish underneath the picture of the Tentacles book on the book fair poster outside my cafeteria. When I saw it, I said, "Oh, I have to take a picture of this. Cal'll pee himself!" And Alison laughed!

From Super Punch


Also from the same Super Punch post.


  1. Those are great. Its funny how you know me so well. Am I really only about kitties and the cephalopods? And here I was thinking I was deep and interesting. LOL

  2. So interesting pics there. Wondering where you found them all???

  3. the octopus from super punch is smiling if you look at him right side up...brrr....

  4. You're deep and interesting XD Those are just some thing you talk about that remind me of you! Rotflmao