Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween Month: Day 12: Mrs. Lovett and Sweeney Todd

Even though there are lots better pictures of the two of them, I used to LOVE this one! I had a little heart pillow that once held a giftcard with this picture in it, and I put it on my desk so the whole world to see I loved this! Look at his face! He's sooo sad! And look at those insane bathing outfits! I love it! I finally saw the movie about a month or two ago, and it was AWESOME!!!!! Ooh, and guess who I'm being for Halloween - Mrs. Lovett! I already have a skirt (thanks to my art teacher for letting me borrow an awesome skirt!!), awesome fingerless gloves, and the shortish brown hair that will be totally insane Halloween night! Ooh I wrote alot compared to my other Halloween Month Days!!!! Alright - Happy Halloween Month Day 12!!!!!! Love, Nicole Lovett!


  1. That Johnny there anything he can't do. I remember him soooooo far back when he was just some punk kid on '21 Jump Street'. I really didn't like him back then but he grew on me over the years to where now I can't miss anything he's in. Truly great actor who SHOULD have won the Oscar for playing 'Captain Jack Sparrow' the greatest pirate character EVER!

  2. i have a bathing outfit like that.

  3. Hah - great pic! She definitely will make a good costume, wacky chick that she is!