Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween Month: Day 3: New Header Contest for October

I am doing a new header contest à la Wings and Cracked Like An Egg, I am doing a Header Competition for the month of October! I have no prizes for you, so you win the pride of seeing your header on my page for the entire month of October, and a post all about your blog! All you have to do is email your header image for me to along with everything you want me to write about in the post about your blog if you win! Anything you include I will include in the post - nothing more, nothing less! Here are your 6 rules:

1) It has to have a Halloween/October theme,
2) It has to have things I like,
3) It has to have the name of my blog somewhere,
4) It has to have something film related,
5) It has to have something super on it (Super Blogliness),
6) It has to be APPROPRIATE, thank you.

There you go! I can't wait to see what you come up with! P.S. Feel free to send in anything for any other month as well - just send in what month it is for and I'll save it for when that month comes. Good luck to everyone!

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