Thursday, December 10, 2009

Theme Thursday - Snow/The Tenth Daughter of Memory - Threshold/Happy Birthday, Mum!!!!!!!!!!

As I stared up at the painted face of my, as clichéd as it may sound, nemesis, my mind was busy making plans for escape. Ducking back under the water, swiping his legs out from under him, jumping and running away, swimming away. None of these plans made very much sense, so I just stared stupidly. His face started to become confused, and he watched me with dark, puzzled eyes and a small smile playing on his lips. I tore my eyes from his, with enough difficulty, to look past him.

His figure blurred as I focused on a castle in the back. Looking back up at him, I realized I had a stone in my fist from when I had clenched the snow - it must've snowed recently, there was a light dusting on the ground - at the shore. Asking fast, on impulse, I threw the stone, along with several clumps of dirt, into his face. While he was turned away, trying to dislodge the dirt in his eyes, I launched myself onto the land and sprinted towards the stereotypically gloomy castle, perched atop a small hill.

Whilst I ran, I felt the pain in my chest from where the weapon stabbed me. I realized the sword was out of my body, and I also realized I don't remember it being in my chest when I was in the water. Was it possible they had taken it back out of my body? The wound was no longer bleeding - the cold water had stopped that. Still hurt, but I couldn't focus on that right now.

As I pushed myself up the winding path towards the door of the castle, I looked over my shoulder frequently, watching for him. I knew that was useless, because the Joker wouldn't directly follow me, but it was an instinct to watch my back. I saw my footsteps in the newly fallen snow, but not his. I jostled the doorknob of the castle, to find it unlocked. I launched my body through the threshold - was this symbolization, perhaps, as the threshold I had crossed into my new life without Mr. Wayne? - into the vast space of a foyer and up the stairs, where I collided with a brunette woman. She fell backwards, and looked frightened.

I stopped, and observed the character at my feet. She was small, maybe 5 feet tall, with curly brown hair and deep chocolate eyes. She seemed kind, so I turned my back on her to run and shut the door. I slammed the door shut, and paced back over to her. She had pulled her self back up, and was watching me with curious eyes. I quickly explained my story to her while she watched with her wise eyes. When I finished, she stood, and whispered to me, "I'm glad you found fit to trust me with this."

She turned around, and I saw the words written on her back for the first time. "Ravynwings". That didn't sound familiar at all. Was she like me? A crimefighter? A hero? She walked to the far wall, and pulled down a sword. I realized there was blood encrusted along the sword, and she turned to face me. "What are the odds," she whispered, "That you would end up here?"

My curiousity of her actions turned to black suspicion, and the enormous door I had entered through opened. I jerked backwards, stumbling, and turned around. The Joker stood there in the doorway, and 'Ravynwings' crossed the floor over to him. She handed him the sword, and he tsked. "Such a mess you made of my sword, Robin!!" he scolded me. I gasped and moonwalked backwards to the wall, and ran my hand over to the mantle, and grabbed a small, solid statue. I advanced towards them, statue held high, when the Joker looked up and noticed me. His dark eyes watched me move, and when I raised the statue above my head - a clown, figures - he jabbed the sword back through the wound in my chest, and, for the second time, I collapsed. The last thing I heard was faint giggling.

(Happy Birthday, Mum!!)



    Oh, that's classic. I'm gonna have to ask "Ravynwings" what they think of being turned into villains.

    Happy Birthday, Ravyn!

  2. I loves me some o'that "asking fast" so the quactions don't get away. Clever tale.

  3. nice. loving are continuing it, aren't you?

    and happy birthday to mum!

    and happy tt!

    and great take on the 10DOM theme!

    and i am done!

  4. Great piece, took quite a turn there!

    And major multitasking! Congrats!

    And Happy B-Day to Ravyn! :)

  5. Wow, what a turn in this story. You are going to give us more, yes? :) Happy TT to you and happy bday to mum!

  6. Oh my, certainly interesting - didn't know I'd be painted as a bad guy!!

  7. A great twist, and happy Thursday to you and Happy Birthday to mum!

  8. Talk about adding to injury! Argh! And happy birthday to your Mum!