Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Fail.

I so fail at blogging.


  1. Nah...

    Climb the summit! Come back to 10thDoM!

    (and bring the rest of your family with you)

  2. but you posted so that makes you successful for one more day...

  3. This 'apology' thing for not blogging enough bothers me the most about the 'blogoverse'. You are living your life with such amazing fullness at this time that blogging shouldn't be your focus. Your facebook contributions are awesome. It's like you have no unexpressed thoughts in your head and it's wicked cool to follow your life there. You remind me of some of the best times in my life. Save the blogging for reflecting back years from now. When you have all those rich memories to look back on. I ONLY blog. I don't do twitter or facebook aside from commenting on what others post but for me that works out. If you ever feel guilt about how you think you are SUPPOSED to do things then you will miss out on something great you were meant to experience. And if you waste one second soaking in all the life you can right now, I will smack you then give you a fresh smack. I wish you could see how totally amazing and awesome you are from those of us who love you and see you becoming the truly fantastic person you are. It's like forcing myself to stare at the sun some days. You are a force of nature and you will change the world. So I don't want to hear guilt about anything...well if you do run over a squirrel when you start driving...that is okay to feel bad about. Just nothing else. Deal?

  4. See, Cal has a great point there. Save the blogging for boring, rainy days or whatever. Enjoy what you are doing NOW. :)

  5. I agree with Wings in that he agrees with Cal - You write when you want - I always look forward to reading it!

  6. Hi Nicole,

    I know how you feel about thinking that you fail at blogging but there is truly no way to fail at blogging. I go on breaks, I come back, I go on another break and then come back. I visit some, then I visit others. Most of them rarely visit me unless I visit them, I guess it is a quid quot pro thing that goes on. And then I can visit others sites who never visit mine. So I just gave up and am very thankful for the few who visit my site. I am trying to play catch up with everyone's sites and being off for the last so many months, I am so surprised at how many bloggers have stopped blogging. I really hope that everyone and you comes back because it is like we are a family of blogging friends, and family is always welcome to show up anytime. I still keep everyone on my sidebar so that way when they do pop up with a blog then I will catch it.

    Anyway I hope you know that you are a success because you DO blog. So many people out there are afraid to blog and want to blog, but will never blog, so you blog and you are a success. I also agree with the previous comments.

    Just come back when you want to and just come visit us and say Hi or we will catch you in our sidebars.

    Wishing you all the best.

    God bless.