Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Tenth Daughter of Memory - If Geeks Ruled The World...

If Geeks Ruled The World...

If Geeks Ruled The World school uniforms would be costumes,
The scent of every woman would be comic book ink perfumes,
The light-up shoes of every child would have little rockets,
Our phones would be so small we wouldn't even need pockets!!

If Geeks Ruled The World we would have high-flying jetpacks,
Not guns, but phasers would line all our weapons racks,
We could teleport to everyplace around all the universes,
People would live forever so we wouldn't need any hearses!!

If Geeks Ruled The World Spock would be our ruler,
Kirk might be a Captain but Spock is way cooler,
Every single backpack would have little jets,
And every single person could have aliens as pets!!

If Geeks Ruled The World my poem'd be different, too,
It would have been written from another's point of view,
It probably wouldn't be so lame, that is probably true,
But the geeks ruling would be all that we knew,
And If Geeks Ruled The World (which they probably already do),
I'd write this telepathically, and I have no idea who
Would want to think of a different world that'd be so new,
Where Geeks wouldn't Rule The World, and we'd all be through,
So I nominate (as I said before) Spock from the Enterprise crew,
To be our ruler, now I bid you adieu!!

That's what would happen if Geeks Ruled The World!!

(Sorry it's so geeky haha)


  1. There is a Star Trek theme running amok among the Mello Clan, I see...

  2. "And If Geeks Ruled The World (which they probably already do)"

    Just as I thought, sorry Dave.

  3. just watched Star Trek last night...loved it! so bring on the jet packs and phasers! nice one. smiles.

  4. Guess there would be worse things. Fun poem.

  5. Made me smile, nice flow. High flying jet packs sound too cool for a geek. Ah, then I wouldn't be allowed to have one!

  6. Very cute! I love "geeky" poems like this!